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“As applied to substance abuse, the cognitive approach helps individuals to come to grips with the problems leading to emotional distress and to gain a broader perspective on their reliance on drugs for pleasure and/or relief from discomfort.” - Aaron T. Beck Helping families get through traumatic events.
therapist having a session with little girl and her mom

A lot of families go through traumatic events such as abuse within the community or the family, calamities, and others. Some of these families have young children that may not be able to effectively express themselves but are undergoing trauma. On the other hand, parents or guardians who have been in the situation may develop unhealthy coping mechanisms as a response to the traumatic event.

At Brighter Future Counseling Services, we want to make families healthily adapt to changes in their lives. We offer programs that are aimed toward just that. To raise children in a nurturing environment, we work together with parents and their children toward healing and self-growth.

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